All of our software packages have comprehensive support guides; this is used by many of our users as their ‘first point of call’.

To supplement this, MBS offer extensive training in the detailed use of our software.

All of our training is carried out by professional surveyors with years of experience, not only in the use of the software but with the complexities involved with site measurement.

Delivery of our training courses can be held at your offices or at either our London and Steyning offices.

MBS Floor Plans Training

To fully understand and appreciate the simplicity of our MBS Floor Plan Software, we recommend training for all users.  

We currently offer two tiers of training: Basic and Advance/Update.  

Basic training is provided to all new users. We aim to provide this in an ‘on-site’ or ‘live’ environment.

MBS Elevations Training

Surveying Elevations is an everyday task of the Professional Surveyor. Our MBS Elevations Software makes it easier and quicker to produce accurate detailed drawings.

Prior knowledge of using a total station is assumed to get the best out of our training course....

MBS Tools Training

Our MBS Tools Software has been developed and refined over the years by the users of our software to make their CAD time more efficient.

Basic knowledge of AutoCAD is assumed....

MBS RXS Tools Training

Our River Cross-Sections package is used mainly by Geomatics Practices and Specialist Hydrographic Surveying Practices.

The ability of our software to output in a format that is compatible with the Hydraulic industry.....

MBS Waldram Tools Ranginui Training

Everyday professionals in the feild of Rights of Light, Daylight and Sunlight use our MBS Waldram Tools Ranginui Software.

Although the subject is practised by Rights of Light experts, we have seen a rise in other disciplines....