Bureau Services

Bureau Services

We understand the pressures that our clients are under to deliver projects on time and within budget. As a natural consequence of being the authors of our software, we are increasinlgly asked to “give a helping hand”.

Rights of Light Technical Analysis

Particularly with Rights of Light, we are able to organise and project manage the survey of a particular location and its surrounding buildings using a network of trusted sub- contractors. These sub-contractors have been trained by us over many years, understand what is required for a Rights of Light Survey, undertake and reference the photography required and of course being aware of the sensitivities of carrying out this type of survey.

We are also able to undertake the 3D modelling of a project and deliver it any format. We can provide this service in-house or using our trusted sub-contractors.

We regularly undertake the Technical Analysis for Rights of Light for our clients who do not have sufficient resources to meet demand. Although we carry out this overspill service, we do not give advice for Rights of Light. We are more than happy to recommend a number of experts, who use our software.

Daylight / Sunlight Technical Analysis

We are regularly asked by property developers, architects, planners and  local planning authorities to provide daylighting and sun-lighting analysis which is BRE Compliant. 

Recommendations for light levels in new buildings and surrounding properties are provided by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) within a document called ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight - A Guide to Good Practice', 2011 by P J Littlefair. Many local authorities have adopted this guide, so these recommendations provide a foundation upon which planning permission is granted, or refused, in the UK.

Our technical daylight and sunlight expertise, coupled with our sustained position as one of the UK’s leading software consultancies for Rights of Light sets us apart from our competitors in this field. 

MBS Floor Plans

We find that many of our clients who are trained in using our MBS Floor Plan Software, do not have the resources to undertake large portfolio projects where there are many locations and buildings, nationally and internationally, especially when a short timescale is requested.

We work closely with a number of trusted sub-contractors who continually use our software and share methodologies to provide consistent surveys and reports.

If we can be of service, then please get in touch. 

Survey Consultancy

MBS Survey Software Ltd has extensive experience in providing survey solutions throughout the UK and we pride ourselves on our measurement expertise. It is vital for clients to obtain the best survey advice regarding their project as early as possible and this will inevitably pay dividends as the project progresses. Having prior knowledge of a site in terms of dimensions and levels at concept stage, would prevent an expensive re-design of any proposals later on in the project and would also save the time involved in any costly amendments.

3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning is the process of collecting 3D points which through their density represent a “point cloud” which can be manipulated and enhanced to produce 3D models or exported to 2D drawings. We offer this highly specific service in consultation with leading specialists in this field, to provide clients with a full 3D real-time data capture solution suitable for highly detailed work, or within areas which need rapid data collection such as hazardous environments.

3D CAD Modelling

Our in-house CAD department can provide a full 3D CAD modelling service, utilising collated survey data to produce models of buildings or land in various formats, which can then be used for a number of purposes such as a design base, a Daylight / Sunlight study or processed further into 3D visualisations and ‘flythroughs’ capable of being navigated by the end user. Our team has extensive experience in AutoCAD and SketchUp as well as knowledge of other leading 3D applications such as Revit, MicroStation, Vectorworks and ArchiCAD.

Please contact us directly for further details and prices...