MBS Tools

MBS Tools

VB Routine Processing Suite within AutoCAD

The tools have been written within AutoCAD's VBA programming language, with all versions of AutoCAD supported from the current version back to AutoCAD 2007. All of the Autodesk family products are supported including Architectural Desktop, Mechanical Desktop, Civil 3D, Building Systems and AutoCAD Electrical.

The tools offers several routines to assist the surveyor in the repetitive "Michelangelo" tasks associated with MBS DXF files - mainly the trimming of door and window blocks.

MBS Doors & MBS Windows are just two of the routines available - they both allow automatic trimming and positioning of the respective blocks as one AutoCAD command. It is not uncommon for floor plans to have in excess of 100 doors and 150 windows - manual trimming is a laborious, time consuming exercise at the best of times. MBS Tools offer huge office time savings.

There are several more routines that come bundled as part of the suite, with new routines being constantly added, based on User demand. The suite is only available and supported for AutoCAD products and requires MBS Training.

Technical information

  • High productivity: Quick and efficient to use minimising office processing time.
  • Graphical output: Routines used allow uniformity and repeatability of processed blocks.
MBS Tools
Our suite of Measured Building software is supplemented by a set of tools which operate within the AutoCAD environment; these include, but are not limited to:

MBS Doors Routine

MBS Windows Routine

MBS Ceiling Heights Routine