3D River Cross-section Data Processing Suite within AutoCAD

RXS Tools, Hydrographic Software is a complete River Cross-Section program for Land & Hydrographic Surveyors. It is used as a tool for the production of data for flood defence management and channel maintenance in the form of reports and plotted CAD data.

The software runs within the AutoCAD environment and allows complete processing of field data into finished cross-section and long-section CAD drawing files. Raw field data can be downloaded and imported from total station and GPS instrumentation directly into the AutoCAD environment, and is modelled in true 3D along a pre-defined river centreline. All the standard AutoCAD tools are available for drawing, editing and manipulating lines, polylines, circles, text etc, ensuring short learning curves and immediate productivity. Editing of individual sections, layering, text and UCS manipulation is managed by the software, ensuring that consistency throughout the data is achieved at all stages of the process.

There is support for “linking” photographs into the model in their true locations, which can then be output into documents which meet the Environment Agency’s specification. The model can be interrogated by "Non-Users" of the software with a free Photo Viewer (AutoCAD is still required).

The software ensures that one single “Sectional Model” is used throughout, allowing exports in various formats for use by the Environment Agency and Hydrographic Modellers.

Technical information

  • Graphical output: Outputs to EACSDF and all major hydraulic modelling software packages – ISIS, HECRAS, MIKE11, TUFLOW
  • High productivity: Automatic generation of sections to sheet layouts.
  • High accuracy: Automatic update of Long-section from Cross-section data.
  • High flexibility: Input data from multiple sources – GPS, Total Stations, Staff or Tape.

Who uses our software?

Geomatics & Hydrographic Practices

The Environment Agency

Hydraulic Modellers

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