MBS Floor Plans

MBS Floor Plans

Intelligent Real - Time Graphical Data Acquisition

MBS Floor Plans allows for real time graphical capture of all the elements required for the production of scale drawings of floor plans. Running on tablet PC's the surveyor can input spatial data directly from a reflectorless Total Station or hand-held Bluetooth laser measuring device, or manually from a steel tape.

The software shows the misclosure on site, in real-time, enabling the surveyor to immediately see where control measurements are needed to meet the accuracy requirements of the project.

A wide variety of measurement methods can be chosen depending on the particular building being surveyed or the personal preference of the surveyor.

Intelligent data can be collected at the same time as the measurements and attached in the form of attributes to allow for detailed analysis in third party software. The attributes collected are user defined prior to measurement enabling the surveyor to accurately collect everything that is needed quickly and easily without the need for multiple-processes – or expensive and time consuming visits back to site to collect missing information.

Technical information

  • High productivity: Quick and efficient to use minimising over measurement and reducing time on site.
  • Graphical output: Drawing in ‘real-time’ displays the overall layout and distribution of all the rooms together.
  • High accuracy: All rooms are completed and each room shape is computed before leaving site, enabling easy checking for inaccurate or missing information.
  • High flexibility: Use measuring techniques appropriate for the building being surveyed.
MBS Floor Plans

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Our measured building software has been written and developed by professional land surveyors; however we are becoming increasingly aware that it is not just the Geomatics community that measure spaces.

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