MBS Elevations

MBS Elevations

Rapid Real-Time Observation of Graphical Data

Our measured building software has been written and developed by professional land surveyors; however we are becoming increasingly aware that it is not just the Geomatics community that measure spaces.

MBS Elevations enables the surveyor to measure elevations and view the elevation graphically as it is being measured making it quick and easy to check accuracy and to ensure that no important information is being missed. Direct communication to a Total Station allows the data to be captured quickly and efficiently.

The process involves the definition of vertical planes upon which intersected rays from the Total Station are projected. The data can be strung and layered interactively with surveyed information displayed in layer colours. The main advantage of this method is that having defined your plane (with two distance points) only horizontal and vertical angles are then required resulting in extremely rapid and accurate observation of even the most intricate detail.

The current plane can be changed by a parallel offset in either direction by measuring one distance – intersections can then be continued on this offset plane.

Data is surveyed, real-time in 3D, allowing flexible export of both 3D and 2D data in DXF format for aesthetic enhancement in all major CAD software packages.

Technical information

  • High productivity: Quick and efficient to use minimising wasted time on site.
  • Graphical output: Drawing in ‘real-time’ displays the overall elevation and all features on that elevation.
MBS Elevations

Who uses our software?

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