MBS Daylight for SketchUp

MBS Daylight for SketchUp

Daylight & Sunlight Calculations within SketchUp

MBS Daylight for SketchUp supports a niche sector of the design market place, and has a valuable role in the prevention of abortive design work. Having the facility in house to quickly check design schemes has revolutionised many of our users working practices.

The software package runs as a ‘plug-in’ within the SketchUp® environment, allowing checks to be performed within one of the most increasingly popular and intuitive drafting packages available.

The software requires 3D models of the proposed development; calculations can then be performed to determine the Vertical Sky Component (VSC) and the Annual Probable Sunlight Hours (APSH).

The results are delivered in both graphical format, as Waldram Diagrams and as a quick visual pass/fail/nearly ‘traffic light’ system within the SketchUp®programme itself.

Any modifications or cutbacks to the proposed scheme can rapidly be re-analysed.

Recommendations for light levels in new buildings and surrounding properties are provided by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) within a document called ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight - A Guide to Good Practice', 2011 by P J Littlefair. Many local authorities have adopted this guide, so these recommendations provide a foundation upon which planning permission is granted, or refused, in the UK.

Whilst the software has been designed to comply with the Daylight tests as laid out in the BRE Guide, the system is fully customisable by the end user.

The plug-in is available for  SketchUp 2018

Technical information

  • The production of Waldram Diagrams allows an instant visual understanding.
  • Pass/Fail/Nearly ‘Traffic Light’ system, is quick and intuitive to interpret.
  • Automation of a previously extremely labour intensive manual process.
  • Allows modification of design schemes to be rapidly reanalysed.
  • MAC and PC versions available.
MBS Daylight for SketchUp

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Architects & Building Designers

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